A Fresh New E-Commerce Site Launched

This is to advertise a new site Barato which means cheap or inexpensive. Though the site name mean to be cheap, it provides good quality products which ofcourse have it's high price. This site motive is to only deal with the individual customer and wholesale. For doesn't only sell for wholeseller but we make deal with them to increase their business with this site. Being the youth of Nepal, we want to do our own business, connecting with the others youth and market. We doesnot want to compete with the others existing site but we want to make users to save their time and money. This is not just a simple project, we are making more products on web which are especially benefited to the youth and others people in our country. In Sort,
Name: Barato
Type: E-Commerce
Motive: Provide New Products For Nepali Customer
Website: https://barato.nayasathi.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barato.ns
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/barato.ns
Contributors: AI Stha, NayaSathi, Sabkura
Author: Bijay Shrestha, Sangit Kshettri

The site is launched but the products can't be order now.

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